Amazon Holiday Toys Gift Guide

Motion Designer

December 2017

Amazon Black Friday Generic Video Ad

Motion Designer

December 2017



Amazon Toys, the largest Internet-based retailer in the world's toy category, wanted

1) Lower level templated video to showcase 3 toy products in the holiday season.

2) Electronic Category templated video ad and Toys Category templated video ad to run in combination with Generic Black Friday Ad to show the breadth of selection.


1) Consulted the on-site team about their aesthetic and worked with them to make a cohesive design for the Toys Video Template.

2) Ideated on different Toys templated video placements, landing on a snowball-like placement that moves slightly for dynamic interest based on best-practices.

3) Made a Toys After Effects template that was a single large 6000x6000px page that had different stopping points.

4) Edited the Mass-Ad Black Friday template to be able to hold products and include a title card at the end.

5) Tested to make sure different products and text sizes would fit well within the Toys and Black Friday template.


1) The on-site campaign was connected well with the social ad well in terms of look and feel.

2) Ads featuring Toys Category had better click-based efficiency compared to Electronics Category across segments that were run with the Generic Black Friday ad.