Prime Day 2017 Social

Motion Designer

July 2017


Prime Day 2017 Social Early Sketches

Motion Designer

July 2017


ASK, the largest Internet-based retailer in the world wanted a templated Prime Day ad for social media.

1) $150k Media Budget for templated video ad for Prime Day to run on social

2) Aesthetic should be the cardboard mass appeal and 4 variations for messaging including ‘time is running out’


1) Pitched many net new options as well as the existing stop motion aesthetic, then initiated buy-in and built consensus that the existing stop motion concepts would be used rather than net new creative so that there could be singularity with the on-site and television media.

2) Led and influenced the creative process through initial brief meetings, on-boarding a new producer and ramping up designers up when they came in to the project mid-way to aid in the creative to drive the creative process to successful completion.

3) Identified a color shift issue and worked with the templated video engineering team to elevate the RGB -> YUV -> RGB video compression to render high-quality gradients.

4) Created 26 Prime Day 2017 ads for Amazon customers on Social Media by elevating the existing stop motion concepts with a Creative Director, a Producer and 2 Designers

5) Solved for automation using templated video technology and enabled Marketing Managers to change price or product updates during Prime Day in real-time.


1) 1st time Amazon had the capability for real-time updatable video marketing

2) The ability to use gradients also improved the 60+ templated video technology subsequent templates that she created with an Interactive Designer and Emerging Technology Production in 2017, plus 1 IMDb, 1 Social Ads Team, D1 Internal Design Agency, 2 in ADA, 1 Twitch and 3 in Dynamic Ads Templated Video templates across Amazon in 2018.

3) 68% iE%CCP on Facebook (Amazon metric where <100% is strong ROI)

4) 0.87% CVR