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Winter 2017


Amazon Wedding Registry Emails

Email User Experience Design & Quality Assurance

Winter 2017


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Winter 2017


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Winter 2017


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Email User Experience Design & Quality Assurance

Winter 2017


Amazon Wedding Registry, the largest Internet-based retailer in the world's Wedding Registry, wanted an email campaign to

1) Drive item adds through increased engagement.

2) Increase customer acquisition through driving awareness.

3) The client needed emails in a matter of weeks

4) The client didn't have a strong idea of what they wanted

5) Perform better than their current emails


1) I went to meetings with the project manager, the lead copywriter, and the two business partners and took notes making sure that action items were being noted and helping create accountability.

2) Being the sole developer, offered up technical suggestions and led the implementation and advocated for the design.

3) Through iterations of wireframes, the client decided that they wanted to avoid having a lot of squares in the emails, so we showed them how there could be different size images through higher fidelity prototypes.

4) I created a single template that can be linearly organized to include components to fulfill 7 different email templates.

5) There was an option for the 3-Grid in Editor's picks to have dynamic asin entry.

6) Created sample campaigns and gave technical support.

7) Delivered an email best practices guide.

8) I worked with the two Brand Partners, Senior Marketing Managers of Amazon Wedding Registry and initiated office hour meetings with Email tools and Email Marketing to follow through on trouble tickets that I created on their behalf so to build relationships with the people that can help make the emails sucessful moving forward.

9) I initiated meetings with two other designers, three copywriters and the program manager to manage the emails post launch.


1) The client stopped using the old emails when they got the new templates.

2) Customers got to see large, beautiful imagery such as in the launch announcement.

3) The single template helped foster brand recognition as components were being reused

4) Scalable - other templates can be created from the components.

5) The same design is still being used today.

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