Impinj eBook

Visual Designer & Art Director

Spring 2014


Impinj eBook Sketches

Visual Designer & Art Director

Spring 2014



Impinj, Radio-frequency identification devices and software company based in Seattle, WA

1) Needed an eBook to send to potential business clients to inform them about the product.

2) Wanted the eBook to have the technical information, but bring the reader’s interest up with interesting iconography and imagery


1) As an Informatics major, I used my technical knowledge in combination with my icon-design expertise to communicate to highly technical readers.

2) I worked with a marketing manager and her lead to finalize on a complete eBook.


1) This reduced the time from the potential client's interest to the time that the client understood the product as the eBook goes in to potential application detail

2) The eBook answered a lot of frequently asked questions for the company’s customers